Blood into Gold

In this green grassy meadow, this very peaceful place, with a calm pale blue river. Watching the water and thinking how peaceful I felt just like the river's flow. A hyena came running from the left and was attacking this little fawn. I was watching as it happened and thought to myself I shouldn't try and save the fawn because it is the circle of life. (No, I haven't watched the lion king lately). Just sitting there on the grass I felt bad for not doing anything, Right then the hyena looked up and saw me. It made this weird screaming noise as it left the fawn and started running, charging at me! I could't move I was paralyzed in my dream which is weird because I can usually control my movements when I am aware. It was arching its back in a weird way as it was coming at me full force right in front of me now it stood up on its hind legs and then turned into a Black Ape. The ape had its back towards me and its hands above its head, Holding them together (Like a victory stance). It did this little butt shake which I thought was kind of odd.Then it looked at me after its right shoulder with a grin and jumped into the air.Revealing its talons, It had a huge Claw on each of its feet. That curved and had these scale-like patterns on them. It came down right on my legs. I could feel his claws puncture my skin. I could feel the warmth of the blood starting to drip, thinking, I guess I am going to die in this dream. It pulled out the claws from my legs and I got the feeling tone it was about to attack me. I tried to get up and run away to this house in the distance but my legs wouldn't move, I was helpless. It was then I looked over my right shoulder and saw this lion. It was a female lion, she had been in the grass the whole time watching us. (Feeling tone vibe) I looked back at the hyena ape and thats when the lion jumped over my body and attacked the ape, saving me. I was so thankful and in awe. She was so beautiful her fur was golden and her aura pure. I couldn't walk so I just started using my arms to crawl and drag my legs. I made my way to the house and crawled up the stairs, looking back I could see my blood trail. They were still fighting, the ape trying to get me but she was holding it off like a boss. Once inside the house I was pleased to be able to stand now. The walls were very white almost a glowing light white. The door had two knobs, golden knob and a golden switch lock. I locked both of them then awoke right as I turned the top lock. Switch, click, Awake

Crystals and Caves

I was by this body of water very blue and beautiful,I could see the bottom. Sitting on the shore I had three of my black books with me. The water coming up tp the pages but the books never getting wet. They were open and I was writing in them. I stood up to see where I was after a little while. I was in this Egyptian world with the pyramids as mountains and gold everywhere. There was sand yet it was gold and sparkly. Felt warm between my toes with were bare feet. I was wearing this white dress. I was looking for artifacts. This golden trident claw thing came falling down this hill of sand in front of me and this woman's voice, said "there's the golden trident claw grab it". I grabbed it and started digging in the sand i found this this golden snake necklace the snake was in a circle coiled up with an eye of the snake looking at me. Uroborus Only one eye showing though.I then followed these footprints, creature like prints in the sand into this area that was enclosed with white transparent walls? There was no ceiling but there were these white stone stairs leading to a dead end. I looked for a door excepting to go through one but when I looked up I saw a secret door. Although the doorknob was in the door. In the white wall, I could't figure out how to open it. The doorknob was engraved inside the door in the wall as well as the hinges, ect. Talking to a man inside there. Wondering to myself how to open it. After failing to figure it out.I walked back down these rock formation stairs back to the opening where the body of water was. Looking back at the place I just came from now was an opening in the mountain? I was intrigued to go through this mountain cave opening. Which was open all the way up to the top of the mountain it seems but still cave like. I could hear the water droplets like being in a cave. It was so clear and beautiful long path ahead of me. Sand on the path with the rocks of the mountains/pyramids on the walls on sides of me. I was finding crystals long ones like little sticks. They would bend and fold together and then a gold little ring would be in the middle popping out as if it belonged to something else. I found many of them so many crystals there, Finding all these shapes and sizes huge ones circular ones but for some reason I only picked up the long ones then I found this golden crystal with snake like skin on it. That also bent and there was a golden circle that came out from behind that one as well. I was tying to figure out what they could belong too. Maybe some big necklace that linked them all together? Or something like that? I felt a presence there with me helping me on along the path as I followed down the long cave in the mountain. It went forever this pathway, wondering where it lead to. I couldn't see an opening. A really cool feeling tone the presence with me the woman's voice the finding all these little things. It was MAGICKal. So much gold and So many different sized and shaped crystals but only choosing the long crystals for some reason. A few days later I watched an ancient aliens episode with long crystals on it, exactly like the ones in my dream. 

Drumming Gorzillas

Huge gorillas like fucking godzilla, not as big but probably half the size for sure. Along with smaller monkeys too. All drumming on these huge drums, these huge toms with bamboo for the sticks and skin hides for the top.These tribal drums were loud and all in a crazy chaotic rhythm yet making the sound so interesting and on point. They were all in a line big gorilla, small monkey, big gorilla, small monkey, ect. Parallel to each other as well, forming a pathway between them. Surrounded by nature and all these rock formations. Huge boulders and mountains made out of these greyish rock like structures. The sky was bluer then blue so clear and open.Only a few clouds in sight which were puffy and white. I could feel the fresh mountain air in my lungs as I took each breath. Watching these animals drumming and the sounds they were making just put me into a state of awe. Watching them as they drummed to this tribal beat thinking,"those are fucking gorillas drumming and fuck they are huge". Then all these warriors, guys in black and grey armor we're going into battle with these huge grey long ass sticks using them to jump around and hit each other, stick fighting and going to war. Still along side of this valley with all this greying rock everywhere, big boulders among sides of mountains. Guys running up the sides, upside down ,everywhere battling each other with so much energy and determination. I put myself into one of the Warriors bodies as I used a stick to catapult myself on a boulder and then used it to fly through the air. Flying through the air I thought "this is fucking awesome, I need a stick like this is my awakened state". I did it a few more times, those times going off the boulders in the war zone and fucking up the Warriors, I was fighting against. Cutting heads off like jam on bread, So smooth. Feeing awesome yet sad war was happening. Those tribal drums had an impact on me. Tried getting the rhythm from dreams for hidden track on album, In Dreams.

Black Unicorn

A black Unicorn and I on a beach together, making eye contact. It started walking over to me on this white sand, this beautiful glowing white sand, like snow crystals. Each foot print turning red as it approached closer. Now right in front of me, it bowed down. With its front leg stretched up it tore, its horn off, I felt un easy. As it looked up at me and smiled a devilish grin. No blood came out, it just stood there smiling at me for awhile. I tried helping it because it I thought it was going to start bleeding. I t gave me the feeling tone that it was ok. So I just stared back into its eyes as it put its horn back on perfectly and then winked at me. It then dissapeared into a red cloud of smoke.I thought to myself now alone on the beach "that unicorn just mind fucked me". I then started to walk into the smoke with my own devilish grin.Thinking "What a unique and beautiful creature".

Parallel Experience

I was in my apartment but it wasn't my apt, the walls were covered in art but not mine. The hallways through the apartment building were white with a yellowish light beaming off of them. I was running down these hallways empty at first, then realizing I was watching myself from a higher point of view. Seeing myself watching myself from this strange place. I left my building were I was surrounded by strangers that acted as if they knew me. But I had no idea who they were. They were all talking at the same time and I felt very confused, (because I can usually understand where I am in dreams from lucid dreaming practice).Looking around this different yet comforatble place I started to feel as if these surroundings felt familiar. They were all talking to me at first all at the same time.It seemed like forever, I tried to just listen and get some words to clear up.. Once I started trying to identify with their words.(I then started to lucid dream, started to awaken myself within the dream).I noticed everyone stoped at the same time, (once I was aware). They were all staring now and just looking at me like why are you here? You should't be here. I started to run, running back into the apartment building down the hallways I turned a corner and ran into myself. Although it wasn't me, but it was. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever before she told me to get out, (She even had my voice). That "they" knew I was there and they were coming to take me back? I started to feel really weird and out of place. I had the feeling tone (lucid feeling) as if I went into a parallel world or something like that.The Beings or these energies were looking at me but with no faces just feeling, the look on their faces. (The feeling of seeing them start to be aware that I was there and they didn't like it. I'm not sure if they minded If iI was there or if they minded that they didn't know that I was there from the beginning. Like I caught them off guard, They were a transparent type of seeing feeling). Feeling like they were coming for me, which they were. I started running and running as fast as I could. Finally a hallway turned into pure white light, that stretched forever running into it, running as I started falling. Running downward, Falling and falling until I was in my apartment now looking at "myself" sleeping peacefully in bed. I slowly took "myself" and entered "my" own body, once in carefully, I woke "myself" up to record and remember what had just happened. The feeling tone wasn't like a normal dream tone. It felt so real not like my other dreams that feel real but more of a heightened awareness feeling, like to real to be real.

I had the strangest feeling like I had gone somewhere I shouldn't have went. I thought to myself did I just crash into myself in a parallel world? Were those beings or energy entities chasing me out of a place I shouldn't have gone? Did "I" in a parallel universe warn myself to get out? Were the strangers thinking that I had tricked them into thinking that, that "Alicen" was me? It tormented me to think I didn't know for sure if I had just had an Out of Body Experience while dreaming. 

I asked Higher Energy to please give me a sign if I had went into this other world or not?

Later that night at work my printer had jammed, turning it off and then back on. Printing out a paper that had read.

Firmware Version 3.14 ESC/POS

Parallel interface or Other.  

( I have the printed paper in my dream studies)

When I asked my co worker (who had been working there for over twelve years) if she had ever seen anything like this print before. She looked at me and replied  "No, I haven't thats strange".