Parallel Experience

I was in my apartment but it wasn't my apt, the walls were covered in art but not mine. The hallways through the apartment building were white with a yellowish light beaming off of them. I was running down these hallways empty at first, then realizing I was watching myself from a higher point of view. Seeing myself watching myself from this strange place. I left my building were I was surrounded by strangers that acted as if they knew me. But I had no idea who they were. They were all talking at the same time and I felt very confused, (because I can usually understand where I am in dreams from lucid dreaming practice).Looking around this different yet comforatble place I started to feel as if these surroundings felt familiar. They were all talking to me at first all at the same time.It seemed like forever, I tried to just listen and get some words to clear up.. Once I started trying to identify with their words.(I then started to lucid dream, started to awaken myself within the dream).I noticed everyone stoped at the same time, (once I was aware). They were all staring now and just looking at me like why are you here? You should't be here. I started to run, running back into the apartment building down the hallways I turned a corner and ran into myself. Although it wasn't me, but it was. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever before she told me to get out, (She even had my voice). That "they" knew I was there and they were coming to take me back? I started to feel really weird and out of place. I had the feeling tone (lucid feeling) as if I went into a parallel world or something like that.The Beings or these energies were looking at me but with no faces just feeling, the look on their faces. (The feeling of seeing them start to be aware that I was there and they didn't like it. I'm not sure if they minded If iI was there or if they minded that they didn't know that I was there from the beginning. Like I caught them off guard, They were a transparent type of seeing feeling). Feeling like they were coming for me, which they were. I started running and running as fast as I could. Finally a hallway turned into pure white light, that stretched forever running into it, running as I started falling. Running downward, Falling and falling until I was in my apartment now looking at "myself" sleeping peacefully in bed. I slowly took "myself" and entered "my" own body, once in carefully, I woke "myself" up to record and remember what had just happened. The feeling tone wasn't like a normal dream tone. It felt so real not like my other dreams that feel real but more of a heightened awareness feeling, like to real to be real.

I had the strangest feeling like I had gone somewhere I shouldn't have went. I thought to myself did I just crash into myself in a parallel world? Were those beings or energy entities chasing me out of a place I shouldn't have gone? Did "I" in a parallel universe warn myself to get out? Were the strangers thinking that I had tricked them into thinking that, that "Alicen" was me? It tormented me to think I didn't know for sure if I had just had an Out of Body Experience while dreaming. 

I asked Higher Energy to please give me a sign if I had went into this other world or not?

Later that night at work my printer had jammed, turning it off and then back on. Printing out a paper that had read.

Firmware Version 3.14 ESC/POS

Parallel interface or Other.  

( I have the printed paper in my dream studies)

When I asked my co worker (who had been working there for over twelve years) if she had ever seen anything like this print before. She looked at me and replied  "No, I haven't thats strange".