Black Unicorn

A black Unicorn and I on a beach together, making eye contact. It started walking over to me on this white sand, this beautiful glowing white sand, like snow crystals. Each foot print turning red as it approached closer. Now right in front of me, it bowed down. With its front leg stretched up it tore, its horn off, I felt un easy. As it looked up at me and smiled a devilish grin. No blood came out, it just stood there smiling at me for awhile. I tried helping it because it I thought it was going to start bleeding. I t gave me the feeling tone that it was ok. So I just stared back into its eyes as it put its horn back on perfectly and then winked at me. It then dissapeared into a red cloud of smoke.I thought to myself now alone on the beach "that unicorn just mind fucked me". I then started to walk into the smoke with my own devilish grin.Thinking "What a unique and beautiful creature".