Crystals and Caves

I was by this body of water very blue and beautiful,I could see the bottom. Sitting on the shore I had three of my black books with me. The water coming up tp the pages but the books never getting wet. They were open and I was writing in them. I stood up to see where I was after a little while. I was in this Egyptian world with the pyramids as mountains and gold everywhere. There was sand yet it was gold and sparkly. Felt warm between my toes with were bare feet. I was wearing this white dress. I was looking for artifacts. This golden trident claw thing came falling down this hill of sand in front of me and this woman's voice, said "there's the golden trident claw grab it". I grabbed it and started digging in the sand i found this this golden snake necklace the snake was in a circle coiled up with an eye of the snake looking at me. Uroborus Only one eye showing though.I then followed these footprints, creature like prints in the sand into this area that was enclosed with white transparent walls? There was no ceiling but there were these white stone stairs leading to a dead end. I looked for a door excepting to go through one but when I looked up I saw a secret door. Although the doorknob was in the door. In the white wall, I could't figure out how to open it. The doorknob was engraved inside the door in the wall as well as the hinges, ect. Talking to a man inside there. Wondering to myself how to open it. After failing to figure it out.I walked back down these rock formation stairs back to the opening where the body of water was. Looking back at the place I just came from now was an opening in the mountain? I was intrigued to go through this mountain cave opening. Which was open all the way up to the top of the mountain it seems but still cave like. I could hear the water droplets like being in a cave. It was so clear and beautiful long path ahead of me. Sand on the path with the rocks of the mountains/pyramids on the walls on sides of me. I was finding crystals long ones like little sticks. They would bend and fold together and then a gold little ring would be in the middle popping out as if it belonged to something else. I found many of them so many crystals there, Finding all these shapes and sizes huge ones circular ones but for some reason I only picked up the long ones then I found this golden crystal with snake like skin on it. That also bent and there was a golden circle that came out from behind that one as well. I was tying to figure out what they could belong too. Maybe some big necklace that linked them all together? Or something like that? I felt a presence there with me helping me on along the path as I followed down the long cave in the mountain. It went forever this pathway, wondering where it lead to. I couldn't see an opening. A really cool feeling tone the presence with me the woman's voice the finding all these little things. It was MAGICKal. So much gold and So many different sized and shaped crystals but only choosing the long crystals for some reason. A few days later I watched an ancient aliens episode with long crystals on it, exactly like the ones in my dream.