Drumming Gorzillas

Huge gorillas like fucking godzilla, not as big but probably half the size for sure. Along with smaller monkeys too. All drumming on these huge drums, these huge toms with bamboo for the sticks and skin hides for the top.These tribal drums were loud and all in a crazy chaotic rhythm yet making the sound so interesting and on point. They were all in a line big gorilla, small monkey, big gorilla, small monkey, ect. Parallel to each other as well, forming a pathway between them. Surrounded by nature and all these rock formations. Huge boulders and mountains made out of these greyish rock like structures. The sky was bluer then blue so clear and open.Only a few clouds in sight which were puffy and white. I could feel the fresh mountain air in my lungs as I took each breath. Watching these animals drumming and the sounds they were making just put me into a state of awe. Watching them as they drummed to this tribal beat thinking,"those are fucking gorillas drumming and fuck they are huge". Then all these warriors, guys in black and grey armor we're going into battle with these huge grey long ass sticks using them to jump around and hit each other, stick fighting and going to war. Still along side of this valley with all this greying rock everywhere, big boulders among sides of mountains. Guys running up the sides, upside down ,everywhere battling each other with so much energy and determination. I put myself into one of the Warriors bodies as I used a stick to catapult myself on a boulder and then used it to fly through the air. Flying through the air I thought "this is fucking awesome, I need a stick like this is my awakened state". I did it a few more times, those times going off the boulders in the war zone and fucking up the Warriors, I was fighting against. Cutting heads off like jam on bread, So smooth. Feeing awesome yet sad war was happening. Those tribal drums had an impact on me. Tried getting the rhythm from dreams for hidden track on album, In Dreams.