Blood into Gold

In this green grassy meadow, this very peaceful place, with a calm pale blue river. Watching the water and thinking how peaceful I felt just like the river's flow. A hyena came running from the left and was attacking this little fawn. I was watching as it happened and thought to myself I shouldn't try and save the fawn because it is the circle of life. (No, I haven't watched the lion king lately). Just sitting there on the grass I felt bad for not doing anything, Right then the hyena looked up and saw me. It made this weird screaming noise as it left the fawn and started running, charging at me! I could't move I was paralyzed in my dream which is weird because I can usually control my movements when I am aware. It was arching its back in a weird way as it was coming at me full force right in front of me now it stood up on its hind legs and then turned into a Black Ape. The ape had its back towards me and its hands above its head, Holding them together (Like a victory stance). It did this little butt shake which I thought was kind of odd.Then it looked at me after its right shoulder with a grin and jumped into the air.Revealing its talons, It had a huge Claw on each of its feet. That curved and had these scale-like patterns on them. It came down right on my legs. I could feel his claws puncture my skin. I could feel the warmth of the blood starting to drip, thinking, I guess I am going to die in this dream. It pulled out the claws from my legs and I got the feeling tone it was about to attack me. I tried to get up and run away to this house in the distance but my legs wouldn't move, I was helpless. It was then I looked over my right shoulder and saw this lion. It was a female lion, she had been in the grass the whole time watching us. (Feeling tone vibe) I looked back at the hyena ape and thats when the lion jumped over my body and attacked the ape, saving me. I was so thankful and in awe. She was so beautiful her fur was golden and her aura pure. I couldn't walk so I just started using my arms to crawl and drag my legs. I made my way to the house and crawled up the stairs, looking back I could see my blood trail. They were still fighting, the ape trying to get me but she was holding it off like a boss. Once inside the house I was pleased to be able to stand now. The walls were very white almost a glowing light white. The door had two knobs, golden knob and a golden switch lock. I locked both of them then awoke right as I turned the top lock. Switch, click, Awake