Dreaming of that face so cold and far away 

Like crystals and caves, I dream of that place wide eyed awake

Where I watch you sleep, where I creep under the sheets

that shield demons deep down in graves

A buried universe covered in shades embraced by the moon

cursed in color, forever like a Pharaoh laying in my tomb

my coffin, my chamber, where I dream of distant strangers

Far beyond this realm is where my womb sleeps in slumber until I get home

I want to see my crazy, I wanna suck it dry 

come a little closer, I wanna fuck my mind 

I want to taste my subconscious, lick its brain 

come a little closer, I wanna ride my waves

Its gonna get me wet,gonna get me high

I want to feel my creatures inside crawl into me 

to awaken a reality I forgot to remind myself to see

This body, this vessel, A parasite human host

something is brewing, its brewing in my bones

This body, this vessel, A parasite human host

something is brewing, its brewing in my bones

I close my eyes to escape, wide eyed awake

Traveling to worlds where I am the ghost

Like a glitch switch in the matrix like deja vu

Who are you Who are you

Its you tricking you, wide eyed and wild like a wolf

Creeping into their call, it licks my lips as they were its

Is this a trick Is this a treat said a cat with wings

I want to see your crazy, I want to suck it dry

I want to feel your body, escape through mine

Your lips, your shades, like an owl I see you, I see in your skin

Your lips, your shades, like a snake I slither in your sin

Your lips, your hiss, like a lion hunting its prey

Come play, come play, come play

Something is brewing, I can feel it in my bones

Something is brewing, I can taste it in my eyes

Darkness grins, A presence unseen

prying open I swallow, my reflection, my everything

Staring into this being, this creature from many dreams

takes my hand as she whispers,nothing is what it seems

Raven show me the way,where crows stare at sheep 

in wolves clothes under dark clouds night owls creep

Wide eyed, I stare into you, dreaming of your face

Wide eyed awake, I dream of that place

Ashes into ashes weaved into webs levels of vibrations

I dance with the dead come with me to my coffin, 

wont you come inside, won't you say hello, I'll take you for a ride

Im gonna get you wet, gonna get you high

Come with me to my coffin, won't you come inside

won't you say hello, I'll take you on a ride

I want to taste what you taste like, I want to see what you look like inside

I want to lick your skin, I want to feel you within

Lucid I'm alive in the eyes that live in pyramids in the skies

wide eyed and wild demons snuggle between my legs they creep deep down

So below as above like a moth to the flame, you are what I crave

I fell into you, I fell under your spell

I've been hiding in my shadow running away from me

so blind I couldn't see the signs of who I'm suppose to be

freeing myself from myself, freeing myself from me.


Dreams are a gateway you must travel to experience life, in true form. A life within a life, many lived.To know by just a taste of being awake in your subconscious, that even when conscious the mind is secretively asleep. A sleeping whirlpool of recycled zombies.Afraid to dive in,afraid to face yourself, for fear of who you might meet. Fear is a reflection. Once embraced, faced you become fear itself. Creating a balance of awareness. That fear doesn't exist unless you believe it does. Believe it or not it is, will or wont be. So tell me, can you learn to swim or are you afraid to live life alive?


Supernatural subconscious lets play. Stop hiding under water, each level take a breath of air. Rise closer to the surface, I am not scared. Show me my shadows, show me more then one me. Lets have a party, drink some tea. Tricksters, strangers, dangers and more. Come I call show yourselves, show me what I can do. Conjuring you, my subconscious, can you hear me call? Is the supernatural seen through subconscious eyes or can subconscious tap into supernatural forces being able to see? Subconscious allowing us to see supernatural forces that are there all along? Or is the supernatural triggering our subconscious to see what it should see. Because our subconscious is supernatural? Supernatural perception is "reality".A "reality" that we forget to remind our minds to see,Drowning our subconscious sleeping in our dreams.


You shut down my shield, I enter oblivious  seduction.I'm the spider crawling into my own webs of destruction,caught in chaos, confusion. You are your own delusion. I see lies lost in your eyes,longing to heal.What you make me feel isn't real. Kissing the devil in disguise felt so many times through another's design. What you make me feel isn't real. A ghost laying in empty bones. Not lonely but alone.Bruised, broken, used. Inside this head I call my home,searching the lost to find its soul. To gather forgotten pieces,solving answers with no question. Truth becomes aware, wink. Feel warm dew drip drops left from a sudden flood. Not so sudden when setting yourself up. Better to feel then not at all. Always jump to fly even if you know, you might fall. You are a weakness, I can't succumb. I tasted your mind, now I starve. Drowning in dreams, demonic entities. Something's you just can't understand. This undeniable hunger, to crave   Such a shadow of man. A shadow who once took my hand.As I fell, I fell really hard into my own wonderland. Down down down the rabbit hole, crashing into walls that are not there. Just needing to feel whole. The NEED to FEEL made it REAL,I'll be hurting until I heal. I thought my eyes were open never thought I could be so blind. Listening with my open heart, ignoring my maniacal mind. So in love with lust, diluted ideas of "us". I AM MY OWN DELUSION... Living in your addiction, I became habit. Learning my habits, you became my addiction. I woke up my heart, just to let YOU in, only to see it torn apart over and over again. Which is MY fault for falling in love with sin. Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, fuck me no,fuck you. Your dumb, you knew. Ignoring intuition is never the right thing to do. Seeing the signs, & yet still letting them reside. He really got to you. Was it him tricking you? or you tricking you¿ Mind tricks¿ tricks of the Mind, or is it tricks of the heART¿ Seeing it written in words addressed to the me inside. Makes me think it's all a play, where we are all the characters in our own work of art. Diving into what feels like death only to feel more alive. To use the pain, to use the ache, to use the muse to see. Hurting creates the inspiration, expressed through the ART by hurt of heART. And this is why they say the energy that organ puts out, is more powerful then the mind,powered by passion. Not power, not logic.Which makes me even crazier to think about. Always mending a failed heart just to tear it open from inside. Inside this never ending cycle of maniacal tricks, damn I must be one tricky bitch. 

I saw you, I saw your creature. Blind. 

I tasted you, I tasted your mind. Starving.

Starving in this uncontrollable desire to understand. This undeniable hunger to crave such a shadow of a devastated man. 

Blind, Dumb, Hungry as Hell. 



Sometimes I have to shut my eyes,to open them.
Sometimes I get that feeling,that feeling something's coming.
A strange storm, one I can taste,I can taste it in my eyes.
I hear it calling,the energies alive.Weightless I collide into the visions in my mind.Shadows show me secrets, the night brings me back home. The signs make me feel "real" when I feel alone. I play in wormholes, I play in there waves, I break free and bathe in space. Dancing in the milky way to the rhythms of the sacred drums.Chanting messages through tongue, telling tales of synchronicity, stories of infinite galaxies. Cards align through her design.Her eyes in the sky, scry patterns into life. I see you, I see you in everything.She has stars for eyes and space for skin, She has a darkness in her and a secret within. I see you, I see you in everything. Like an owl, I see you, under your skin. Like a snake, I slither in your sin. Like a spider weaving it's web. I see patterns again and again. Prying open I swallow, my reflection, my everything. Staring into my being, this creature from many dreams.Takes my hand as it whispers, "Nothing is what it seems".Is it a trick or is it a treat? A familiar sound, in silence, in circles, I've searched. In a place where dreams are slaves. In a place where time is waived. Into a place like deja vu'. Is this a trick? It got me too. This is a trick, "It's" coming for you. Change is the only constant, A constant current of change. If I am lucky I will get in.If I am lucky, I'll transform into the Moth that I am. I dream of that place, wide awake, awake like a cat,I grin. I grin like a cat wide eyed, again. Lets tease muscle memory, Lets play beyond closed doors, Lets get lost and throw away the keys. The key of manifestation, the key of imagination. Life and Death become one, with death brings life, with life brings death.Nothing really matters, besides the fact all there is, is matter. So there is no such thing as nothing, nothing is always something. Never nothing, So all that matters is matter? The Hatter of all matter. How many beings can one being be? Feeling the change like spiders crawling under my skin, I crave your strange, the strange that lingers like serpents in the deep. Deep in the waters beneath, that reflect pyramids through the winking eyes in the skies. Married to the universe am I. "It" licks my lips as "It" were "It's". Showing the mark it disappears. Leaving my organs decayed, tissue torn but not confused.So rip out my heart, so you can breathe,cut out the mark, only my kind sees. Leave me in the dark, Let me bleed. Let me bleed, So I can see. I suck myself dry, 3x3x3. I suck, I suck myself dry, Prying open my third eye. Where I wonder to get lost, Where I wonder to get lost to find you. Who are you? I want to see your crazy, I want to suck it dry. I want to feel your mind, escape into mine. Like the silent stillness getting lost in art. Who am I? Sometimes I am, Sometimes I'm not. Not until I drown in darkness, will my eyes open to the beauty within. With the kiss of death brings life. Life at "It's" fullest. White noise would say " Like the black, white and grey friends in your paint. Edgar Allen Poe who turned into a vampire for drinking too much. The netted winged but forbidden to fly white faced demon. Who tells me I was once dead, but I've been burnt alive for the last time.For I am the woman who cries with the moon and howls at the wolf. Who gets lost, only to find her way. To a place where dreams are slaves, to a place where time is waived. Into a place like deja vu'."It's" YOU playing a trick on YOU.