Mad Alice Featured Interview with Necro Girls Magazine Issue #7


You wake one night to find a weirdly dressed man claiming to be a prince standing over your bed and trying to kiss you; what would you do?

Kick him in the dick.

When you start singing, all the woodland creatures would come to your side to help you in any given situation; would you use them for good or evil?

I would use them for both. Sometimes I’m good, sometimes I’m not.

If you walked into your grandmother’s house, and she was unusually hairy, with hug-ass teeth; what would your first reaction be?

I would think I was dreaming and dressed in a red cloak.

If a unicorn did indeed poop rainbows and glitter, would you be more likely to keep it in the house, or make it stay outside in a stable?

Any unicorn of mine wouldn’t want to be kept 27

anywhere, it would be free to do whatever. I don’t like rainbows or glitter.

You have an EP out as well as two pretty sweet videos. What’s coming next for Mad Alice?

I’m working on a new five song EP that will be released on Halloween 2014.

One fairy tale cliché involves children being eaten. If you had to eat a child to lift a curse, how would you prefer them to be prepared?

I wouldn’t eat flesh, I would reverse the curse my own way. (If I have to answer I would say scrambled with Franks Red Hot sauce!)

Gotta say – your music video for “Descend” is pretty fucking bad ass. What was the concept or idea behind it?

Thanks, “Descend” is about religion and politics, how they separate us as one. How people are killing and hurting each other still to this day just because they have different beliefs. I related to the witch trials back in the 1500-1600’s when women and men were

being killed for being different. The end of the song is stating “What if your god is an alien?” Meaning what if you just killed all those people for being different from you for no reason. What if your god is really just another being? If there was a god, what kind of god would want that?

How long did it take you to film it from start to finish? Two days, around 13 hours each day.

You’ve got a voice that could easily scare old people and children. Some adults, too. At what point did you realize that you could growl, scream, sing, and just deliver general mayhem with your vocal cords?

About six years ago, I knew I could always scream and growl even though I was doing it all wrong in the beginning. Only in the past couple years I have been finding my singing voice, I am much more comfortable screaming and growling.

There’s a talking frog. The frog tells you they are under a terrible curse, and if you kiss it (tongue and all) it would turn into a human that is a part of a royal family. Do you kiss it? Why or why not?

I had a dream the other night about eating a frog alive. So I am still pretty tripped out with frogs right now. But yes I would kiss it, then lick it. And if it did turn into a human part of a royal family, I would hold him or her for ransom. Collect the fortune and book more studio time.

At midnight every night you turn into a horrible creature. What do you turn into, and how do you terrorize the local townsfolk?

I turn into a Demonic Shadow Snake whose slithers into the people houses while they sleep. Crawling into their minds entering through third eye. Turning their dreams into nightmares.

What was the tipping point or what happened in your life where you said to yourself, “Self. I’m bad ass. I’m going to be a musician!”?

I’ve never called myself a bad ass but thanks. Music has always been a big part of my life and I have been writing lyrics since I was little. I definitely opened my eyes while writing the EP “Skin”.

What’s been the biggest hurdle on your path to rock stardom?

Finding band members.

Would you bathe in the blood of virgins if it meant that you would stay young for the rest of your life?

Depends on the temperature of the blood. Would they be naked with me as we bathed?

What could you not do without on your path?

Water, “Book of Shadows”, and Ganja.

What would someone have to offer you for you to sell your soul to them?

A wormhole.

Do you have any daily exercises or routines that you do to keep your voice in shape?

Yes, a 27 min vocal warm up.

Has anyone heard you sing, and accused you of being a witch, or possessed by a demon?

Yes of course, and I take it as a compliment!

You have evil stepsisters and an evil stepmother. On a daily basis they torture you, and make you do unspeakable things around the house. One day, you have the opportunity to kill them in order to live happily ever after, but you only have a broom, a mop, and a cleaning rag. How would you do it?

First, I would use the mops string to tie them up. I would step on the mop handle breaking

it in half. I would use both wooden pieces to stick right through the first step sister’s eye sockets. I use the rag to wipe up the bloody tears. I wrap the rag around the step mother’s throat as her daughters blood runs down her chest. I then break the broom handle leaving one end longer than the other, I make the step daughter who remains alive open her mouth. I stick the long wooden handle into her mouth as I use all my power to jab it deep inside, blood starts pouring out. Again I use the rag to soak up her second daughter’s blood. With the remaining small wooden handle I take it and put it up the mother’s ass as she cries from watching her daughters die. Once all the way in with slivers from the wood, all cut up inside. I take the bloody rag and chock her, until no more tears fall. Yeah I know I’m fucked.

If someone were to see this, and say to themselves, “Self. Mad Alice is a fucking bad ass! I need to see more Mad Alice. Like right now on the interwebs!” Where would one go for all things Mad Alice? or Facebook - MadAlice

If someone wanted to be a musician, what advice would you give them?

Follow your heart and see the signs.