I followed myself, as I fell
Like a vampire under a witches spell
Ring around U.F.O's
Pockets full of I don't knows
Ashes to Alice, star dust to dust
Alice into ashes,all mad fall
Down down down a rabbits hole
Fall inside my mind,
Welcome to wonderland
Come fuck with me tonight
Mirror mirror in the sky
Who am I? Why is why?
Mirror mirror witch I scry
Who is Alice? Who am i¿
I want to see my crazy, I want to suck it dry
Come a little closer, I wanna fuck my mind
Taste my subconscious, lick its brain
Come a little closer, ride its waves
It's gonna get me wet, gonna get me high
I want to feel my creatures inside,
Crawl into me, awaken a reality
I forgot to remind myself to see
This body, this vessel, a parasite human host
I close my eyes to escape, wide eyed awake
Traveling to worlds, where I am the ghost
Like a glitch switch in the matrix, like déjà vu
Who are you¿ who are you?
It's you tricking you
Wide eyed & wild like a wolf
Creeping into their call
It's lick my lips as it were it's
Is this a trick? Is this a treat¿
A tea party with hatter, unhappy Halloween
A dark twisted fairy tale
Said a cat with wings
Twinkle twinkle little owl not bat
Where I wonder, where you're not at
Seducing satellites from afar
A walker between worlds
A warrior of wisdom who lives among stars
Dreaming of your face, so grey & far away
Like crystal and caves
I dream of that place, wide eyed awake
Where I watch you sleep, where I creep
Under the sheets that shield my demons
Deep down in graves, a buried universe
Covered in shades, embraced by the moon
Cursed by colours, forever like a pharaoh
Laying in my tomb, my coffin, my chamber
Where I dream of distant strangers
Far beyond this realm is where my womb
Sleeps in slumber until I get home
How high down do you want me to go¿
To end the next beginning
To begin the next ending
Where I dance with the dead in DNA
As she weaves silk threads
Wide eyed awake in space
As she spins wormholes webs
Familiar cards drawn to align
We are our own illusion,our own reflection
Artists of our own design.
I followed myself, as I fell
Like a vampire under a witches spell
Ring around U.F.O's
Pockets full of I don't knows
Ashes to Alice, star dust to dust
Alice into ashes,all mad fall
Down down down a black hole
Fall into delusions of time
Welcome to wormholeland
Hello, goodbye


I want to see my crazy, I want to suck it dry

I want to get closer, I want to fuck my mind

I want to taste my subconscious,lick its brain

I want pull in frequencies, ride their waves

I want to feel my creature, crawl inside me 

Awakening a reality I forgot to remind my mind to see

Sleeping with my shadows, drowning in my dreams

I travel using matter, numbers, not time.

Surfing through wormholes, dimensions, lost webs

Worlds within worlds,where I may appear as a ghost.

This body is a vessel, a parasite, a human host

As spys reside in animals, cats alike

This taste to travel is what I crave most

This creature, this creepy little thing

Creating this life, I am the artist of it's design.



Raven show me the way through the crowd

Where Crows stare at sheep in Wolves clothes

Under Dark clouds Night Owls CREEP



Through fear you feed,
Through dreams you creep,
Your smile, possessed, can't rest.
You trick, you treat, mind fuck me,
Your smile, paralyzed, disappear.
Don't come back,you tricked your way in.
Come in doesn't count,when form is pretend.
Take your tricks, take your treats
I'll see you on Halloween.
Your hell doesn't scare me.
I am the "devil", I am the disguise
I am destruction, I am LIE
I am death & you are dumb
Watch out, here I come.



This blood on my lips, this warm familiar drip
Bleeds the taste of our kiss
Pulling me in, whispering, what I want to hear
Pulling me in, just to spit me out
Like the lies that leave your mouth
Rip out my heart, So you can breathe
Suck me in, just so you can feed
Cut out the mark, only I can see
Suck me in, just to let me bleed
I saw you fall in the fire of a broken hearts flame
Drowning in sickness,burning in blame
Hopeless lies live in beautiful disasters
Falling like Alice, chasing rabbits faster, faster
Use me to heal you, Use me as a muse
You pulled me in, just to tame your thirst
You are my karma, I am your curse
I saw you at your darkest, I saw you fall
You don't see me, you never saw me at all



Something is brewing,

I hear it in my bones,I taste it in my mind

It's wild, it's wicked, it feels so good.

So rip out my heart, So you can breathe 

Cut out the mark, Let me bleed

Let me bleed, So you can see

Open your mind, come fuck with me

I'll be your sweet nightmare in your dreams.

It's brewing in my bones, It's brewing in my mind,

You've burnt me alive for the last time.



Dreaming of your face
I dream of that place Wide eyed, Awake
Where I watch you sleep
Where I creep
Under sheets that shield your mind
I want to see your crazy
I want to suck it dry
I want to feel your body
Escape through mine
Like a snake, Stalking its prey
You tease me, with your taste
It summons me,
Like sirens in the sea
Your lips, Your shapes
Like an owl I see you,
I see through your skin
Your lips, your shades
Like a snake,I slither in your sin
Your lips, Your hiss
Like a snake, Stalking its prey
Come and play
Come and play


In your webs, wide eyed, I stare into you.

A piece from a puzzle, Lost without a clue.

Like a trick with no treat, A woman

with no stains on the sheet.

Did I ever really fall under your spell?

Did you really save me from my demons,

or did I sane my insanity back to help.




Transformation is the key.

Evidence, drink me.

Wrapped in plastic, nothing left.

In a spiral where underneath it all

Reptile tissue is amused.



Darkness grins, a presence unseen.

Prying open, I swallow, My reflection, My everything.

Staring into my being, this creature from many dreams.

Takes my hand as it whispers, "Nothing is what it seems"



She weaves her webs to the rhythms of life,

She has stars for eyes, space for skin.

She has a darkness in her, a secret within.

I fell into her spell,prying into the sky.

Falling through wormholes with you tonight.



Come with me to my coffin, won't you come inside.

Won't you say hello, I'll take you on a ride.

I'm gonna get you wet, gonna get real high

I'm gonna make you sweat,

Come fuck with me, Lets make a mess.

Come with me to my coffin, won't you come inside.


Black widows with butterfly wings,

Seduce my imperfections.

Creeping into the call, seducing sound.

It licks my lips as it were its,

Showing the mark, it disappears.

Leaving my organs decayed,

Tissue torn but not confused.

Not until I drown in darkness,

Will my eyes open to the beauty within.

Where I wonder to get lost,

Where I wonder to get lost to find you.

Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?

Sometimes I am. Sometimes I'm not.

We meet in the rabbit hole again.

They call me Alice.